Motor Boat Covers

We have been keen motor boaters for over 25 years and therefore have a great understanding of the needs of a good cover. The fabrics and materials we use are tried and tested and can cope with the harsh environments our covers are put in, but with a little good maintenance our covers last for years with one of our customer's having a set which are still going after 20 years and still look good. All boat owners have different needs and at Advanced Covers our aim is to provide this using our skills and knowledge to hand craft a great cover. The industry has tried to use computers to improve productivity  - this is fine for mass produced covers. However you cannot beat a craftsman using his or her skills and knowledge to pattern and make a beautiful cover.

sports oat cockpit enclosures


3 part aft and 3 part forward sections from £1,650 inc vat
With many open sports boats the need for covers in this country is especially strong as a form of protection from the rain and wind with the odd sunny day in between which we need to protect ouselves from! Over 90% of our covers for sports boats are made up in 3 or more parts to give the ability to use the roof section as a bimini and side curtains as a wind break or full enclosure. The price guide above is based on using the existing frames but we are just as happy to re-design the cover and supply new frames if need be.
hardtop boat enclosures


From £1,680
Most hardtop sports boats have well designed covers without the need for frames but we have improved the covers on many boats to the customers needs including external hand holds and grab rails.
tonneau covers


Tonneau cover with pole or pull up from £495 inc vat
Tonneau covers are a great quick way to cover your cockpit if you like the open feel of your boat. They tend to work best on fully open boats without out radar arches as they are very difficult to make water proof in this area. The other potential problem is how to get a high point in order to stop puddling  as poles tend to fall over if not fixed! A well designed cover should be quick to put on and take off in the summer and also makes a great way of protecting the cockpit in the winter if you wish to take off your full enclosure over winter.
motorboat seat and dashboard covers


Seat and dash covers are a nice way of keeping your seating and instruments in good order whether it is overnight protection in the summer or uv/dust protectors when not on board.
Aft enclosures


3 part aft enclosure on existing frame from £1,240 inc vat
Our aft enclosures make a big boat even bigger! These are a must, whether used for those summer evenings when the temperature begins to drop or as a porch for hanging up your wet coats, they certainly extend the space avaliable. We always try to keep the enclosures as light looking as possible, using as large as possible windows. We can supply internal curtains for privacy!
flybridge covers


From £395 inc vat
Our flybridge covers offer protection to your seating and instruments when not in use. It is key to get a good high point to stop them filling with water.
flybridge enclosures


From £1850 inc frame and vat
Seen a lot in other countries and making the flybridge an all year round place to be with all sides being removable, they also work well as a bimini in the summer. We have one on our own boat and love it!
flybridge bimini


From £890 including frame
A flybridge bimini is a must on that very hot sunny day we have each year!
winter boat covers


Winter covers are an excellent way of protecting your boat from the harsh winter elements and reduce the need for too much elbow grease when the sun eventually comes out.
boat screen covers


Mesh or acrylic from £280
Made from Acrylic canvas or mesh with the minimum amount of fitting on the boat as possible they are a nice touch as they give privacy and protection from sun fade to the internal finishes.
cockpit and internal upholstery


We have worked hard to find an upholsterer that works well in vinyl/leather to a high standard and we have found one that produces lovely work, having just completed a Sealine S48 in grey silvertex that looked stunning.
rib / dinghy covers


All over covers for RIBS protect the tubes from UV damage and help to keep the boat clean when not in use. We can make these for use in or out of the water, or when stored on davits.

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